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Time registrationWithout transponders or expensive equipment!

JSTiming has a unique time registration system that allows us to record the split time and finish time to 0.001 seconds without transponders, the registered times and the names of the participants are shown on a LED board.

All we need from you is a list of participants.

We can tap the start signal from any starting system (start pistol / starting gate / push button / etc.), we record the split time and the finish time to 1 thousandth of a second by means of our lazer ports. We display the participant names and times on our LED boards, in short a perfect system for timekeeping without using transponders.

While 100% accurate timing is very important to the participant, following the race is paramount for the audience. The split times, the number of laps, the leader, the fastest split time, the lead, the speed,  …. we can present all this information on our LED boards.

We are open to discuss anything.